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Beet rosettes

Ingredients for 4 people (1 beet per person):

4 small red beets

200 g chanterelles

5 tablespoons of hazelnut oil

2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar


Red onion

Salt flower

Freshly ground pepper


The steps of the recipe:


Wash and peel the beets well.

Using a peeler, make a large ribbon in a circular fashion to obtain a large strip and roll it on itself to make a rose shape.


Wash the chanterelles well, drain them and cut the onions into small cubes.

Heat the hazelnut oil in a pan, add the red onions and chanterelles for about 3 minutes over low heat, stir in the vinegar, fleur de sel, freshly ground pepper, simmer for a few minutes and remove from the heat.


Steam the beetroot rosettes for 7 minutes in a pressure cooker or pressure cooker.




Place the beetroot in the center of a white plate, add the chanterelles around it with the onions and the cooked vinaigrette.

Decorate with the finely chopped chives.

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Before cooking the beets, 

Brush them with hazelnut oil and fleur de sel as well as a pinch of sugar, this will make the bitterness disappear.


Enjoy your lunch !

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